The Future of Mosquitoes is Electric

The Future of Mosquitoes is Electric

Jul 26, 2023

Relax and Recharge

Mosquitoes are no small problem - they can ruin a good time with painful bites, bothersome buzzing, and days of itching afterward. Until now, sprays, lotions, torches, DEET, and citronella have been the only options for fighting mosquitoes. We started Thermacell because we wanted a better way to fight mosquitoes. Thermacell introduces the new age of mosquito repellent as we continue to innovate and evolve. Meet the rechargeable family...they are truly electric.

For Adventure

EX90 and EX55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller

Nothing ruins an outdoor adventure faster than mosquito bites. Our new rechargeable mosquito repellers were engineered specifically for the avid outdoors person and traveler. EX90 and EX55 offer provide a 20-foot zone of advanced mosquito protection. Equipped with a spill-proof locking mechanism to aid with portability – lock it up and stash it in your pack with the reassurance that other essential items will remain dry. A quick-view window allows easy visibility of how much repellent remains. The EX55 and EX90 feature an IP54 rating to protect against dirt and moisture, durable and compact with an easy-to-grip rubber over-mold. It is also air travel friendly. Includes a lanyard and carabiner for versatile mosquito protection – hang from a tree, tent, etc. E55 Features a 5.5-hour battery life, and EX90 provides a 9-hour battery life. Audio cues and LEDs let you know you're protected and how much battery life remains.

For the Backyard

E90 and E55 Rechargable Mosquito Repeller

Whether by the pool, patio, or deck, Thermacell E90 and E55 are easy to use and provide hours of scent-free, mess-free mosquito defense for the backyard and beyond. These rechargeable repellers offer our largest area repellent zone available, about 20-feet. In addition, both repellers offer Audio cues, and LEDs let you know you're protected and how much battery life remains. E90 provides a long-lasting 9-hour battery life, while E55 offers a 5.5-hour battery life.

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